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372 m long Viaduct

Viaduct crosses over Warwick Triangle Precinct from Russell Street to N3 Outbound Eilat Viaduct

2010 Project – completion 28 May 2008

16 month contract

The scope of works was for Group Five Pandev Joint Venture (G5P) to design and construct a bridge from Russell Street/Leopold St intersection to the N3 Westbound Freeway at the top of Cannon gate Road.

The design was carried out by our partners in the contract, GOBA Consulting Engineers, where a pre-cast U bean solution was adopted. This resulted in a viaduct having 9 Cantilever Pier heads (20m long and 13m wide) with 80 pre-cast U beams completing the deck (± 22m long and weighing 32t each)

Considering the extremely tight deadlines and the often challenging environment of the Warwick Triangle, the Joint Venture managed to complete all the Pier heads, with great quality, before the close of 2009, having started staging to the first pier head on 8 May 2009.

The Warwick precinct experiences in excess of 60 pedestrian deaths a year and in order to reduce the unacceptable high death rate, the eThekwini Transport Authority proposed this project. The viaduct reroutes large volume away from Warwick Triangle, thereby reducing the risk of further pedestrian casualties. The viaduct now provides a quick access to the N3 when exiting the CBD centre which is favourable for all motorists, especially after matches at the new Moses Mabhida Stadium.