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About the association

An important aspect of social responsibility is encouraging sustainable business. It is this philosophy that led the Master Builders Association of KwaZulu-Natal to the Bhekwell Group and its Skills Development Training Centre. A CETA accredited training facility based in Richards Bay, the Bhekwell Training Centre is emerging as a pocket of excellence that owes its success to the tremendous enthusiasm of its owner, Bhekwell Dlamini.

Bekwell started out as a carpenter and has been running a one-man building company in the area for a number of years. This left him unfulfilled however as his true passion was for training. He has therefore used money from his building business to open and operate the Bhekwell Training Centre, a CETA accredited service provider offering a variety of courses for the construction industry including bricklaying, plumbing, concrete reinforcing and First-Aid.

Bhekwell's efforts caught the attention of the Association's members in the Zululand Region and they have become champions in converting his training dreams into reality.

The Association has pledged financial assistance to the Bhekwell Training Centre by fencing the property and supplying filing cabinets. More importantly, Bhekwell has contact with 127 young men and women from the Zululand area, who have been unable to complete a programme in Construction Skills Development as they lack experiential training.

The Association has called on its members to provide this vital on-site experience and the uptake has been encouraging. The members participating will be providing learners with the personal protective equipment required by their sites.

To ease the financial burden of taking on these learners for its members, the Master Builders Association has committed to providing each learner with a stipend to cover basic expenses whilst completing the programme.